Coloring Coast is a workshop located in Port Aransas, Texas, Where children can come to participate in arts and crafts. However, they do not start from scratch. They start from litter found in the ocean. We encourage children to explore their creative sides while also recycling!
Solo school project (9 weeks)
When working with this brand I wanted to drive their message home. Their logo, a paint palette turned into a crab, encompasses recycling old materials into something new. Port Aransas is a colorful beach town so I wanted to help Coloring Coast have a bold and bright color palette with ocean iconography.
LogoLounge Book 14 Winner
Coloring Coast values being in tune with nature. The ocean and our planet are being corrupted by litter and pollution. Children will be living in a tough world if those two things take over our oceans and land. But we can make a change by teaching the young generation how to value what we have.
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