Inferno Guac & Salsa Fest is the place to be if you want your tastebuds to explode with flavor. Located in San Antonio, Texas, taste authentic Mexican food and culture. Chefs from all over can come down to the festival to share and win awards for their creative takes on Guacamole, Avocados, and salsa!
Solo school project (9 weeks)
Inferno Guac & Salsa Fest is a brand that is serious about the chef’s craft. This festival is open to everyone of all ages, in order to accommodate them I worked with the brand to add a sprinkle of fun. When creating the mark I thought of fun ways to combine avocados and the process of cooking.
Inferno aims to showcase the flaming love and passion that everyone has to create food. Encouraging creativity to create something unique with avocados, guac, and salsa!

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