NewJeans 2023
An animated illustration based on NewJeans’ song "New Jeans"! The concept for their album is inspired by the Power Puff Girls, a show that I adored as a kid. This motion piece is also to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the K-POP group.
I created a version for Twitter and a version for Tiktok/youtube shorts/Instagram stories.
Magic Island 2022-2023
A passion motion project I started in August 2022 and worked on during my free time. It was completed in February 2023. It is about 5 school boys who mysteriously get transported into a new world. But it seems they have a connection with this new world, one that is magical. 
Based on TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s song "Magic Island". Although this song has a music video, the video is almost 14 minutes long, so I decided to create a shortened version of the MV !!
Burning 2022
A unique interpretation of a film’s intro sequence. Burning (2018) is a Korean film based on the book, The Elephant Vanishes by Haruki Murakami. Burning brings mystery and thrill as the main character, Jongsu’s friend goes missing.
Solo school project (4 weeks)
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